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 My art is joyful designed to uplift and relax the mind. To absorb your senses and draw you into its magic. I use various styles of art to achieve this goal. I believe that art is such a personal thing that you read into it what you will. How you relate to my pictures is linked to your emotional state at the time, and what it can offer you as a gift, as well as fulfil a need within yourself.
I took me over 10 years to assemble my current portfolio in my own style. I use a mix of styles abstract and watercolour built around a theme connected to nature, as well as how nature adapts to modern technology. Important especially in our present age of living in artifical environments in cities and towns where increasingly we are at risk of becoming isolated and divorced from our connection with the earth. You will see that some of my images have a mystical spiritual  quality to them; this is due to my interest in other dimensions of reality other than those we experience with our senses in this world. I feel that the spiritual dimension is a part of our physical life, and therefore is necessary to be included in any aspect of the visual arts, the two go hand in hand to teach and comfort you the viewer regarding the relevance other levels of reality have on our understanding of ourselves.
I am in the process of adding to my collection and my current number of 12 art images will be expanded later in the year. Should you wish to email me direct, by all means do so I can be reached on
I look forward to hearing from you.

 Alex Tennant